Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Attorney: State Police Mark Motorcycle Awareness Day on May 21

Kentucky State Police will be holding Motorcycle Awareness Day on Thursday, May 21. The day is intended to promote motorcycle safety throughout the state and will be marked by a full day of activities, including a “Cruise for Awareness” ride involving over 200 motorcycles escorted by Lexington Police and KSP through Frankfort. This event is just one of many activities taking place throughout the US this month, dubbed Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Federal, state, and local transportation safety officials want to remind both motor vehicle drivers and motorcyclists that they share the roads with each other. This means motorcycle riders, car drivers, bus drivers, and truckers must all do their part to prevent US motorcycle accidents from happening.

According to Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rod Brewer, the KSP wants to decrease the number of Kentucky motorcycle fatalities that occur each year.

2008 Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Statistics:
• There were 2,109 Kentucky motorcycle crashes last year.
• 102 of these accidents resulted in fatalities.
• 64 of the Kentucky motorcyclists involved in these accidents were not using motorcycle helmets.
• 40 of last year’s Kentucky motorcycle collisions involved passenger vehicles.
• 108,602 Kentucky motorcycles were registered in the state.

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic for a rider, who only has his or her protective clothing and gear to serve as a buffer from the impact of colliding with a car, a bus, a large truck, a wall, or another nonmoving object. Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and internal injuries result all too often from Yuma auto crashes.

Earlier this month, a rider died in a Kentucky motorcycle crash when his bike was in a traffic crash with a white box truck in Prospect. Police say that the motorcyclist was making a right turn onto Timber Ridge when the deadly collision happened. The rider ended up under the truck and was pronounced dead at the accident site.

If you or your loved one was seriously hurt in a Kentucky motorcycle accident that was caused by a careless driver or another negligent party, you may have grounds for filing a Kentucky personal injury lawsuit.

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