Kentucky Sex Abuse Lawsuit: Court of Appeals Affirms $3.7 Million Award that Fayette County Board of Education Must Pay Victim

The Fayette County Board of Education must pay Carol Lynne Maner $3.7 million for her Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit—affirmed the Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday. In 2007, a Fayette Circuit Court jury issued its verdict that school officials in the 70’s and 80’s ignored allegations that four teachers, an assistant principal, and a guidance counselor at Beaumont Junior High School and Lafayette High School had sexually abused Maner while she was a student. The board, claiming the statute of limitations for Maner’s case had run out, appealed the verdict.

Maner, who filed her Kentucky civil lawsuit in 2003, claimed that she had been denied her right to an education because the sexual abuse caused her to suffer from depression and drug addiction. She also contends that other students were sexually abused. A few other ex-students have stepped forward over the last few years to affirm Maner’s claims.

Roberta Walter and Russell Hubbard, two of the four former teachers that are defendants in Maner’s Kentucky sex abuse lawsuit, have been criminally charged for their alleged abuse of the plaintiff. Hubbard is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy and third-degree rape. Walter is charged with third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy.

The $3.7 million sexual abuse verdict is among the largest awards issued in Fayette County.

Kentucky Sex Abuse Lawsuits
If you are the victim of sexual abuse, you may be entitled to Kentucky personal injury compensation from your perpetrator or others that were negligent and allowed the abuse to happen. Even if its been years since the abuse incidents occurred, the statute of limitations in Kentucky may still allow you to file your claim with a WPB criminal lawyer against the person responsible for your pain and suffering.

Sex abuse survivors’ scars are seldom visible to other people, but the mental and emotional anguish resulting from this kind of sexual violence can last a lifetime, wreaking havoc on the victim’s life. The damage is very real to the victim, who may have problems sustaining relationships, develop an eating disorder or addiction to alcohol or drugs, need to take medication to cope, or have to undergo years of therapy.

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